Pablo is adopted.

Pablo is a 20-month-old cropped and docked entire male; he came to us because his owner died.

When he arrived with us on the 28/2/24 he was very scared and it took us a while to gain his trust initially, quietly talking with him he started to relax and accept treats, then a breakthrough in his confidence came when he came out of his kennel for his first walk, what a great moment for him and the team.  Day by day he has gone from strength to strength and is starting to really trust.

He is good with other dogs and enjoys their company.

He loves his toys but does not guard them, he eats well with no resource issues.

He has been to the pub recently with Kobe and Raven and all 3 got on really well and enjoyed their day out.


He is not reactive at all and takes everything in his stride.

We have no idea what he is like with cats. He has not lived with children.

He will stay with us while we build his confidence, he is an amazing dog who has so much potential and love to give to the right home.

Due to his aloof nature when he first meets people we are going to do a few meetings with any potential adopters so he can feel comfortable with you and get to know you, a nice Doberlady would be an ideal companion for him as he does like the company of dogs.

When on a lead if a dog comes running over he will bark, but not nastily and is easily manageable.

We are taking enquiries, you will need to have patience and time to gain his trust but once you have he is a wonderful dog. If you think you can offer Pablo a home, please complete our application.

Pablo’s assessment will be done shortly.