Lenny – Adopted

Lenny is a 7-month-old entire black and tan male.


He came to us as his family felt they could not give him what he needed.

In the home no boundaries were put in place, so Lenny was allowed to do what he liked which led to unwanted behaviours like chasing the children and guarding food.

He has been with us since the 30th of April and in that time has shown no aggression or attempted to guard his bowl when staff are feeding him.


He is a friendly cheeky chap and a typical baby, he is friendly with other dogs and females, but he is scared of men so much so he will run to the other side of the paddock, he will not go near Dave our canicross chap, poor Dave tries so hard to make friends but Lenny as yet does not trust.  From his behaviour, it is clear he has been traumatised by a man.

Please be mindful that it will take Lenny a long time to trust a man so if you rehome him, please give him all the time he needs and let him come to you in his own time, do not rush him. We are working on this issue, but it is not a quick fix.

If you feel you could offer Lenny a forever home please fill out our application form.