Dobermanns Looking for a Home

  • Meet Rosie

    Meet Rosie

    Rosie has just arrived from Turkey. More information to follow.

  • Meet Duke

    Meet Duke

    Duke is a black and tan entire male, he is nearly 3 years old. Duke is a friendly chap who gets on well with other dogs and takes their social queues well. He can pull a bit on the lead. He does suffer a little from separation anxiety but his previous owners worked really hard…

  • Meet Patience

    Meet Patience

    Patience is a black and tan spayed bitch who is 2 years old. Patience was rescued by her current family and arrived with them very thin and scared after she was starved and beaten by her old male owner, they said she can be timid around some men but we have not found this. She…

  • Meet Tallis

    Meet Tallis

    Tallis is a black and tan entire bitch who will be 2 in June. She has previously lived with a dog and a cat. She is not used to children so dog savvy children of 12 and upwards. Tallis is a friendly girl, she can be shouty on the lead, but this is just handbags…

  • Pepper – fostered

    Pepper – fostered

    Pepper is 4 years old. She will need to be spayed but this cannot be done until March. Pepper will walk quietly past dogs and is very manageable, but she does not like dogs in her personal space, can’t say we blame her as she was used for breeding! So we are looking for a…