February 2018

  • Inca- Adopted
  • Prince- Adopted

    Prince- Adopted

    The second new kid on the block is 6 month old Prince. What a lovely boy he is. Prince has left a truly devastated owner behind, he’s a happy confident boy who loves everyone and everything. He’s to young for Kennels do has gone to foster with the last belt Tracy and her dobergirls. We’ll be looking…

  • Cooper- Reserved

    Cooper- Reserved

    New boy Cooper joined us at Runragged yesterday! What a stunning big lad! Just 8 months old, big bouncing boy who’s got so much to learn! He’s so happy and loving and is happy to greet everyone he meets! Cooper is brilliant with female dogs, cats and horses! But cannot live with another male dog…

  • Django- Adopted

    Django- Adopted

    Django is 5 years old and has spent his whole life so far attached to a chain in a yard in Ireland. We’ve got to know Django really well these last few weeks and he’s just amazing. It isn’t because his past is so terrible, it’s awful but he’s just the most loving big brute. He…

  • Mac- Reserved

    Mac- Reserved

    So the ‘ Puppy ‘ arrived 😳 But what a big, huge, beautiful boy he is! As you can imagine he’s very strong, very bouncy, knows some basic commands but has a short attention because despite his size at 30” from floor to shoulder he is still very Puppy! He’s lived with Children 7 upwards and…

  • Galilea-Reserved


    Last but not least to arrive at Runragged tonight is little Galilea! Well not so little but dainty and desperate for love and affection! This beautiful lady was first spotted sat huddled in the corner of the pound and had some nasty injuries on her neck after being attacked from the many other desperate souls…