September 2018

  • Buster- Adopted

    Buster- Adopted

    Buster  is 18 months old. He had a terrible start but now is full of life. He will need an experienced home where his new family can commit to continue to work with him. With time and integrated socializing I’m confident he would be able to interact with other dogs. Teenage children only.  

  • Max- Adopted

    Max- Adopted

    Max is  3 years old. In case you didnt notice he only has 3 legs, however, this does not phase him at all and he is happy to run and tear around. Max is a gentleman and fantastic with the ladies. He can happily live with a bitch of any size. He can be left…

  • Blaze- Adopted
  • Roscoe- Adopted

    Roscoe- Adopted

    Roscoe is 18 months old and didn’t have the best start in life. He came in to DRUE afraid,  mistrustful and depressed but boy has he blossomed. He can live with a bitch and interacts well with other dogs. He needs an experienced home where he won’t be pushed as he will be quiet for…