• Meet Dizzy

    Meet Dizzy

    She was found as a stray by her current owner, but she does not get on with her cat so she cannot keep her. She has reacted to a dog at the vet, and she does not like cats. She is fine with horses and friendly with people. More on  Dizzy to follow.

  • Meet Ozlo

    Meet Ozlo

    Ozlo is an entire brown and tan male, aged 3. He has come to us because of a relationship breakdown. He has been described as gentle and sweet with a goofy side. No aggression has been seen with any dogs and has little interest in chasing small furries. No idea with cats but due to…

  • Jet


    Jet is adopted. We think she is around 16 months and has not been spayed. She was abandoned in a boarding kennels by her owners. She gets on with other dogs and has not shown any negative behaviour. She is unknown with cats. Her owner did have older children. She is great with people, can…

  • Chico


    Chico has been adopted. This 9 month boy came to us yesterday and we are searching for his perfect home. One of our volunteers has spent the day with him today and has found him to be a very affectionate boy with HUGE potential. He loved spending time playing with her 11 & 12 year…

  • Frankie – fostered

    Frankie – fostered

    Frankie has just arrived. More information to follow.

  • Pepper – fostered

    Pepper – fostered

    Pepper is 4 years old. She will need to be spayed but this cannot be done until March. Pepper will walk quietly past dogs and is very manageable, but she does not like dogs in her personal space, can’t say we blame her as she was used for breeding! So we are looking for a…