• Meet Harper

    Meet Harper

    Harper is 5 years old She is a friendly girl loves people and is used to children from 4 upwards. She shows no aggression at all and is great with dogs. She does like to chase cats. She is overweight so does need to trim her waistline. She has not lived with another dog but…

  • Meet Ava

    Meet Ava

    Ava has just arrived, rescued from a bad situation. She is very underweight. More information to follow.

  • Zeta


    Zeta is adopted. Zeta was found on the streets and taken in by the dog warden, so we know nothing about her, not even her age. We estimate she is about two or possibly slightly younger, she has a lovely character and is very friendly to people and dogs. She appears to have had no…

  • Meet Harvey & Hugo

    Meet Harvey & Hugo

    Meet Hugo and Harvey, they came to us a few days ago after their owner was taken ill and sadly will not be well enough to look after them anymore. They were surrendered to the dog warden, we rescued them from the pound as their time was nearly up. Hugo the brown lad is seven…

  • Meet Blaze

    Meet Blaze

    Blaze is 10 months old and is in need of a person to call his own. After being with us for a few days it is clear that he needs a lot of training but he has BUCKETFULS of potential. He is finding the kennel environment quite stressful but out and about he’s a happy…

  • Apollo


    Apollo is adopted. Apollo is 11 months old. He is used to small children 3 years plus. He is great with people and is very friendly. Good with dogs no aggression, we think he could live with a bitch. We don’t know about cats but it would possibly work due to his nature. If you…