Name: Judge

Age: 1

Children: Teenage +

Dog Friendly: No

Other animals: No

Judge is really struggling to cope in kennels as they really stress him out. He’s dog aggressive but happy to be walked in a muzzle, walks make him anxious as hes been previously attacked by other dogs and now goes automatically to defend himself, so someone with their own private space or willing to hire fields for him to run freely without worrying about other dogs would be ideal.

Judge has a docked tail and his ears were cropped but not maintained to stand.

Judge knows basic commands but being 12 months old does easily get excited. He’s very good natured with humans but may try to jump in excitement. He can be left alone for a few hours. Judge is a young boy who has been sadly let down again and again by people. He needs a special person who is willing to put time and effort into training him and exercising his mind when walks are too much.