Amadeus & Beatrix

Amadeus & Beatrix are adopted.

Amadeus is a 3-year-old castrated blue male who is described as a loyal and loving boy. He loves to play ball and have cuddles. He may sometimes snap at another dog but once he knows them he is fine, he can be protective of his friend Beatrix. He will chase small furries like squirrels and rabbits.

Beatrix is a 5-year-old black and tan spayed bitch who is described as a loving and loyal dog with the sweetest nature, she loves Amadeus along with all people and dogs, a lovely dog to live with and extremely easy going. She will steal food if given the chance so watch your plates and work surfaces!

Both have lived with cats and are great with cats they know, they will chase others. Neither have lived with young children but they are used to children of age 11 upwards.

If you feel you would like to offer them a home then please fill out an application. They will not be separated as they are a bonded pair that thrive on each other’s company.

Amadeus and Beatrix Assessment

Kennel behaviour

Amadeus waited patiently when the kennel door was opened and had his lead put on calmly also. Was also happy to settle on his bed in the kennel when people were stood outside it chatting. No reaction to other kennel dogs or to dogs barking behind a gate.

Beatrix waits patiently to be let out of her kennel. She does come to the door for a fuss but equally settled on her bed whilst people are outside of the kennel. In exiting the kennel Beatrix is excited but composed. She does pull slightly to get out of the kennel block but not excessively.


Amadeus walks on a standard lead and collar. He is strong and can pull ahead slightly but is responsive to training him to walk to heal. No reaction when being handled and also not pushy for affection. Recall in the secure area appeared to be good. This would need to be tested in a larger area and/or on a long line before being given off lead freedom.

Beatrix waits calmly to have her lead clipped to her collar. She can pull but this is not excessive and will walk nicely for treat reward. No adverse reaction  whatsoever with being handled and enjoys human contact, will seek it out politely  after a short time of meeting people. Within the secure area on the farm Beatrix appears to have good recall. Very responsive to her name and returns willingly for a reward. This would need to be tested further in a more open area before allowing complete off lead freedom.


Amadeus greeted me (a stranger to him) for a fuss and accepted treats readily. Not observed around males on assessment. Amadeus walked past smaller dogs who were barking at a gate and remained neutral in his demeanour and behaviour. Reported by kennel staff that Amadeus had barked back at a dog of similar size barking at him but this was not observed on assessment.

Beatrix greeted me gently but with confidence. Took treats from me soon after meet and played with tug toy with me. Beatrix passed several dogs who were behind a gate barking and showed no reaction whatsoever, just calmly walked past. Beatrix paid no attention to dogs in the adjoining kennel.  Not observed around men today although was observed on her first day with DRUE and was happy to take a treat and fuss whilst in the kennel.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)
Reactivity – 1
Amadeus was gentle in his approach with both treats and toys. He got excited for them but was able to show self control by sitting and waiting patiently. Amadeus was excited by playing with a toy with kennel mate, Beatrix, but this was mutual and no negative behaviour noted. Not observed with cyclists or children and not observed in the car. I drove past Amadeus when he was being walked on the lane and he showed no reaction to my van.

Reactivity – 0
I noted no reactivity from Beatrix today. She is motivated by food and the tug toy but is gentle in taking them and does not show any guarding tendencies around humans or her kennel mate, Amadeus.

I drove past Beatrix in my van whilst she was on the lane and she did not respond to this. Not observed with children or cyclists and not observed in the car although kennel staff report that she has been out and is settled.


Amadeus enjoyed playing with the tug toy, ball and surrendered this quickly in exchange for a treat or fuss. No inter dog issues noted when playing with toys or having treats. In the kennel he has long lasting chews and shows no guarding issues with these.

Beatrix took treats from me with and without her kennel mate present. No guarding tendencies noted.

Beatrix also played tug with me. She was willing to swap this for a treat and happy for me to pick it up once dropped. She played with the tug toy with Amadeus also and although vocal in her play there was no malice in this, they are well matched in their play style and willingly shared the toy. In the kennel Beatrix has numerous chews and toys and shows no issues around these.  


Amadeus is a well balanced dog who quickly accepts strangers and will engage with them willingly. Enjoys attention and affection but is not pushy for these. He shows no behaviours of concern and has clearly had a good level of training in his previous home.  Has a good level of fitness having walked approximately 4 miles then played in the secure area. Has good ability to self settle on his bed in the kennel whilst staff and myself were talking outside the door.

Beatrix is a very gentle girl. She doesn’t jump up for fuss or food and will politely sit waiting. She appears to have had a good level of training prior to coming to DRUE and shows this with strangers and more familiar people. Beatrix is clearly bonded with Amadeus and should be rehomed with him. Beatrix would be suitable to go to a home with dog savvy older children in my opinion.