Bobbi – adopted

Bobbi is a 19-month-old brown and tan entire male.


He has a chemical castration implant which is due to run out April 2024

He is a lovely dog who walks nicely on the lead and will pass other dogs without reacting if he has a few metres distance. He has been known to react to other dogs if they start barking at him or if they get into his immediate space. He will be rehomed as an only dog.

He is eager to please and keen to work, he loves the cani-cross running so an active home where he will be kept busy is important, if you are after a sofa surfer dog who is not that active then Bobbi is not for you.


Bobbi Video

Bobbi was assessed on 19/5/23 by a qualified behaviourist.  

Bobbi greeted us in a friendly manner, excited but compliant, and sat for his headcollar to be put on.  No reaction to other dogs barking in adjacent kennels.

Bobbi is a very responsive dog and compiled well with cues.  He is motivated by treats but does not snatch.  He has good recall although not tested with many distractions.  I feel that he is highly trainable and loves to work.

Sociability, Bobbi was very happy to greet me and engaged fully, he enjoyed playing and liked working for treats. There was no negative reaction at all to either people or dogs.

Bobbi’s reactivity level on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest was a 1.

He was walking along the road and was passed by a cyclist and several vehicles with no reaction at all.

Bobbi played fetch with me and had a good retrieve and was happy to swap the ball for a treat, he loved a game of tug and was happy to release the tug on cue in exchange for a treat.

In summary, Bobbi is a very responsive and trainable dog with a very good temperament, he likes to work so owners must ensure he has good physical and mental stimulation.

He will make a lovely pet.

If you feel you can offer Bobbi an active home then please fill out our application form.