Bobster – Adopted


Bobster is a black and tan entire 8-month-old. He is a friendly chap towards dogs and people. He was only surrendered because his owner is unwell. He has not lived with young children so 15 and upwards. He is not bothered by cats either.


Bobster had his assessment on 31/5/23 by a qualified behaviourist.

When I approached the kennel, the dog greeted me playfully and wanted to jump up.  A lead was placed on him easily and he left the kennel enthusiastically and without a negative reaction.  He pulled a little on his lead and tried to jump up a few times, there was no reaction at all when passing the other dogs.

I touched Bobster all over and he was happy to be handled.  He appeared calm and playful throughout. He gave me his paw on cue.  His recall was good, and he was motivated by the treats.

He pulled on the lead but was responsive so I feel that loose lead walking could be easily trained.

Bobster showed no anxiety at all and always remained playful and happy during the assessment.

His reactivity was measured on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest, he scored 1.

Bobster was enthusiastic about treats and toys but was not overly excited.

When he first got the ball, he wouldn’t recall with but was easily persuaded to return with the ball in exchange for a treat.

When being walked he showed no reaction at all to traffic or cyclists

I approached him with a tug toy, and it appeared that he didn’t know how to play with it, he soon worked it out and then tugged vigorously, he would swap happily for a treat. A tug toy could easily be used as a motivator for his recall.

In summary, Bobster is a very friendly pro-social dog.  For a young dog, he has good impulse control and appears very trainable.  He sat, down, wait, and paw on cue.  His lead work needs some work, but he is easily manageable.  There are no negative reactions to anything at all.

Bobster will make a lovely pet. 

If you feel you could offer Bobster a forever home please fill out an application form.