Bonnie and Coco

Bonnie and Coco are adopted.

Bonnie and Coco are mother and daughter.

Coco is the black and tan mum; she is 3.5 years old. Bonnie is the blue daughter and is just over 2 years old. Both are spayed.

They have been surrendered to us as a family member has suffered a serious injury, they tried to keep them, but it was proving too much, and the girls were not getting the attention they needed.

Both can pull on the lead but that is easily corrected with training.

They are used to cats as they have lived with one. Children of 8 and over. They are used to being left alone for short periods of time.


When visitors come to the house they behave like normal dobes – very inquisitive and can bark and jump – but that can be calmed down with training.

Out walking they are fine and love water.

They will be rehomed together as they have a great bond

If you feel you can offer these two gorgeous girls a home together then please fill out an application.

Bonnie & Cocco Assessment

Kennel behaviour

Coco was returned to her kennel and did so calmly. She passed other dogs and was sociable, a quick greeting then into her kennel. When I entered the office initially Coco was excited and jumped up me to greet. This could easily be lessened with reward based, consistent training.

Bonnie was in the office when I arrived. She appeared tentative in greeting me but did accept a treat readily. Was a little snatchy with the first couple of treats. When put back into the kennel Bonnie was happy to take a treat and fuss from myself and 2 farm workers. Bonnie appeared to want to greet the other dogs in kennels. Did so with very submissive body language. One of the other dogs barked and Bonnie reacted by barking back but was easily recalled away from the situation.


Coco is a pro social dog who thrives off human attention and handling. She walks on a head collar which works well, she is happy to have this put on and walks well with it in place. With further training Coco may be able to be walked on a standard lead and collar. In the secure area Coco was keen to return for a reward (treat) and a fuss. Responds well to her name. This wasn’t tested in a more open area so some caution should be used and I would suggest doing it in a larger secure field initially.

Bonnie was happy to be handled all over by myself and showed no adverse reactions to this. She is walked on a head collar, I believe with consistent training she may be able to walk on a standard collar and lead in the future. Walks politely with minimal pulling. Bonnie’s recall is questionable. When with her mother, Coco, she does return but I believe this was because Coco did and I am unsure that she would recall as well independently. This would need to be tested in the future and in a larger area.


Coco passed by some barking dogs when out on a lead and she ignored them completely and walked past calmly. She also walked past other dogs in the kennels calmly and greeted through kennel bars politely. Coco greeted me with enthusiasm and is a very pro social dog. She was greeted by some farm workers (males) and was happy to be fussed and accept a treat off them too. No issues noted when passing workers outside of kennel block either.

Bonnie passed barking dogs calmly outside the kennels. No reaction noted at all to this situation.

Bonnie attempted to greet another dog in the kennel block and did so tentatively with submissive body language (tail tucked, body lowered to the ground). Bonnie did bark when the other dog had barked at her but recalled away for a treat.

Bonnie greeted me tentatively but willingly. She quickly accepted treats from me and was happy to be handled by me quickly too. She also engaged in small play sessions as well. Bonnie also saw farm workers outside and didn’t react in any way to them (males). She was also given a treat whilst in her kennel by a male who she had reportedly previously barked at (not during my assessment). No reaction noted during assessment.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)
Reactivity – 0

Coco shows no adverse reaction whatsoever to things she encountered in the farmyard, kennel block or secure area. Enjoyed playing with a ball but very willing to surrender this in exchange for a treat. Coco is quite pushy when trying to get treats and will jump up the person with the treat. There is no malice whatsoever and she takes the treat nicely from the hand.

Not observed with children or cyclists. Coco saw a farm cat. She did get slightly  alert and interested in this. The cat remained still, I believe the excitement may have escalated if the cat had moved. Observed around cows and a horse with a very neutral reaction from Coco. There was farm machinery moving around and Coco was completely neutral to it. No fear or reactivity shown at all.

Reactivity – 1

Bonnie was eager to have treats but sat and waited for them. Initially was slightly snatchy with the treats but soon calmed in her approach.

Bonnie played with her mother in the secure area as well as having treats together and there was no adverse reaction.

There was farm machinery moving around and Bonnie didn’t show any reaction to these at all.

Not assessed with children, cyclists or in a car Bonnie saw a cat on the farmyard and ignored it completely. The cat didn’t move so I am unsure how she would react if it did.


Coco enjoyed chasing and retrieving the ball in the secure area. She was very willing to swap it for a treat and showed no possessiveness with Bonnie, her daughter either over the treats or the ball. Coco’s main motivator is food and she will be highly trainable because of this. She already knows basic commands such as sit and lie down as well as giving a paw for a treat

Bonnie took treats from me. She chased the ball but didn’t attempt to pick it up, her mother picked it up and Bonnie didn’t react to this at all. Bonnie engaged in a couple of short tug toy games with me and was willing to surrender the tug with no issues noted.


Coco is a well rounded dog who is highly motivated by food rewards, making her highly trainable. Coco appeared to enjoy working for the food rewards and would thrive in a home where her training could continue.

Coco engages in mutual play with her daughter, Bonnie. She will recall away from the play if asked to though.   Coco will jump up people for attention and if you have food rewards at hand. She quickly sits when asked to though so I believe this could be worked on in a future home. Due to jumping up I would advise older children only.

Bonnie is a biddable young dog who only appears to have had very basic training in the past. She can sit and does so without a command for a treat. Other positions such as a ‘lie down’ weren’t evident, neither was a recall. That said Bonnie is a polite dog in her greetings and does enjoy interaction so will enjoy learning.  I feel Bonnie needs some confidence building in her future home in order to work and respond  independently of her mother, Coco. She would thrive in a home with multiple people so that she could have some 1-1 time to further her training and build her confidence. She is reasonably reliant on her mother and I feel it would be detrimental to her if they weren’t homed together.