Cerberus – Adopted

Cerberus is a black and tan castrated male who will be 4 in March.

Cerberus is OK with larger dogs, but can be wary of small dogs. Has lived with children between 6 and 12 years old.

Will chase cats if he sees them. He is not reactive on the lead and is a friendly boy.

Has never lived with another dog but due to his kind nature, he could be OK with a bitch.

He is not used to being left for long periods of time, the most he has been left is 2 hours.

He is a lovely handsome boy, loves cuddles and playtime.

If you feel you could Cerberus a forever home then please fill out an application form.

Cerberus has been assessed by a qualified behaviourist:

Kennel behaviourCerberus waited to have his collar and lead on and exited the kennel calmly. He appeared a little nervous of us at first but quickly took a treat and then became more pro-social. He showed no negative reactions to other dog and remained neutral at all times when exiting the kennel block and walking to the paddock.
HandlingI touched his feet, hindquarters, head, ears, tummy, tail and he was not concerned about my handling of him. I knocked into him to test for any reaction but there was none. He enjoyed a fuss and was very comfortable with us. He generally had good manners but did jump up a couple of times when excited.
Cerberus will Sit, Down and Wait when asked and he had good impulse control. He appears to be a well- mannered dog who has received some good training. He is soft mouthed and does not snatch treats or toys. He walks fairly well on the lead and his recall appears to be good.
SociabilityThere were no negative reactions from Cerberus at all and he is a pro-social and confident dog. He enjoyed playing with a ball and had a good retrieve. He did not show any interest in playing tug.
He was very good around other dogs. There was no barking or reactivity and his behaviour stayed neutral at all times.
ReactivityPlease give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)
Reactivity – 1
Cerberus was not reactive at all to anything in his environment.
PossessionCerberus showed no evidence of resource guarding. He was happy to relinquish the ball in exchange for a treat.
GeneralCerberus is a well-mannered and friendly dog who is pro-social and enjoys engagement with people. He did not show any negative or aggressive reactions at all. He has clearly received some training and shows good manners and impulse control and responds well to cues. I feel that he would quickly fit into a new home environment and will make a lovely pet.

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