Diego – Adopted

Diago is a 3-year-old black and tan entire male, DOB 13/10/19.

He was found as a stray; his previous owner was traced but they did not want him.


He is dog and people friendly. He has lived with young children but is quite big and powerful, so we are saying older children 9 plus. No history with cats.


He does know some commands, and with consistent ongoing training and exercise he will make a great companion for someone, he is a very responsive boy with lots of energy.

Diego was assessed by a qualified behaviourist:

Kennel Behaviour

Extremely excited when approached in the kennel, grabbed at the lead which meant it was quite difficult to get on. He was excited about leaving the kennel but did not react to adjacent dogs.


Incredibly happy to be handled, no reaction other than pro-social. Excitable at first on lead with pulling and jumping. Once off lead he ran round the paddock in circles. He walked much better on the way back to the kennels. Recall was poor unless he was retrieving a ball. Recall training needs work he will have to be motivated with a toy, keep on a long lead whilst training.


Very sociable and playful, no reaction to other dogs even when they are barking loudly in adjacent kennels.


This is scored on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest. Dago scored 1.

Motivated by food rewards and toys. Takes treats gently, he has good impulse control with food and ball, he will sit, wait, and down on cue. He enjoyed playing tug, but his impulse control was weaker doing this.


Dago willingly dropped the ball for a treat.

He would retain possession for a while with the tug toy but after a while would drop for a treat however he would try to snatch it back, so he has been overstimulated at some point with a tug toy.


A very friendly dog but does need some training in recall, leadwork, and general manners. Very sociable and will make a lovely pet.

If you feel you could offer Diego his forever home please fill out an application form.