Dexter – Adopted


Dexter is a 3 year old brown and tan entire male. He is people and dog friendly. He is not used to cats.

Used to children age range from 2 to 19. He has lived with dogs that were fostered.

He can get excitable. Lots of training has been done with him and he really is a lovely boy.

We would say, as with any male, just be mindful around other males.

Assessment to follow.

The owners comments on him:

A little bit about Dexter. He has been described as “loving every aspect of life” by the boarding kennels he went to whilst we were on holiday a couple of years ago and that’s so true. He’s a very happy and loving boy that loves nothing more than a chin scratch. He often just comes and sits next to you leaning on you so you can give him scratches. 

We have done a lot of work with him training wise but this is definitely something that’s ongoing. Commands he knows sit, down, wait, heel, through (between the legs), place. His phrases are no, good and yes although he also listens to ok as a release. His recall when no distractions is great but we do long line him due to his eagerness with distractions. 

He does also know tricks such as paw/other paw, touch (nose to hand), twist (clockwise) and spin (anticlockwise). He absolutely LOVES to work. His engagement is amazing and a trainer/behaviourist we worked with previously said how amazing he is as a dog and how much he is willing to learn which is great when it comes to training. 

In the house he’s great, and has learned well how to settle himself. If he thinks something is amiss he will bark however it’s not continuous is a quick woof woof woof to see off the threat and then he stops. He doesn’t bark at the door etc. he happily chills in his bed of an evening whilst I’m on the sofa he knows that’s his “place” and that room is quiet time he’s never been allowed on the sofa or beds etc so doesn’t try his luck, he is partial to a nice fluffy rug though.

He’s used to being boarded and the kennels we go to are really good with him, he’s handled by one of three employees who are experienced with large working breeds who keep him in check so we know the boundaries we put in place are met. Again everyone who meets and interacts with him says just how much of an amazing dog he truly is which makes me so damn proud of him!

Dexter can be a pushy boy with what I call the “weak willed” people. So if you let him get away with something he will continue to do it and push his luck with being over excitable and jumping up, however with boundaries in place and given his commands he really is an amazing dog. 

Out on walks, again with the boundaries in place he will walk to heel however in new places he does easily get overstimulated and very excitable! I say it’s like tunnel vision and he goes into I want to sniff and pull you to everything so take a little work to get him back and engage. This is something we have been working on for some time and he has gotten a hell of a lot better but he still has some work to do. He’s been camping with us in a van and also settled in quieter pubs in the countryside so he CAN do it! 

If you feel you can offer Dexter a home please fill in an application form.