Enzo – Adopted

Enzo is a lovely black and tan entire male, he is 20 months old. He is a friendly dog who has lived with young children and another dog.


Enzo was assessed by a qualified behaviourist on 20 June.

Kennel behaviour and handling

Enzo was happy to be approached and readily accepted his lead, he took treats and was very pro-social. He passed the adjacent dogs with no reaction and walked well on his lead past them.

Enzo was accepting of touch and enjoyed proximity.  He jumped up a little but was not over-boisterous.  He complied with all cues and appeared to have received previous training, his recall was good, and he was keen to interact.

Sociability, arousal / reactivity

Enzo was pro-social, relaxed, and playful, he showed good impulse control around resources.  He appeared relaxed around other dogs and showed no negative reactions.

Enzo walked well on the lead and was responsive to his handler.  He readily engaged in play, enjoying fetching a ball and playing tug.  He swapped readily for treats.


Enzo’s impulse control is good except for a little jumping; however, I feel he is highly trainable, so can be easily resolved.  He is motivated by treats and toys and is responsive.

Enzo is a happy pro social dog who will make a lovely pet.  He enjoys human interaction and shows no negative behaviours.

If you feel you could offer Enzo his forever home please fill out an application form.