Meet Harvey & Hugo

Meet Hugo and Harvey, they came to us a few days ago after their owner was taken ill and sadly will not be well enough to look after them anymore.

They were surrendered to the dog warden, we rescued them from the pound as their time was nearly up.

Hugo the brown lad is seven years old. Harvey the black lad is nine years old.

Harvey has some lumps on him, one of which is quite large, however it has been checked by a vet and declared as benign and advised to leave alone.

They are a happy pair of boys who just love life, they are dog friendly, both pull on the lead so some lead training will be required.

We don’t know what they are like with children, so over 12 and dog savvy children only. We don’t know about cats. They were in the paddock with ducks the other day and did nothing.

We will not split them, we are looking for a home that can adopt them together to live out their twilight years.

If you feel you can give these handsome chaps a home together then please fill out an application.

Hugo & Harvey

Harvey has been assessed by a qualified behaviourist:

Harvey’s Assessment

Kennel behaviour

Harvey was pleased to see us approach his kennel and was happy to exit. He managed to avoid his lead at first and came out of his kennel and ran to the gate. He then happily had his lead on and exited the kennel block excitedly. He did not react to any dogs in adjacent kennels even though some were barking and jumping at the kennel bars.


Harvey is quite strong on the lead when he first sets off but settles on the way back. Once off lead, in the paddock, Harvey enjoyed having a run around. He was happy to approach and was very responsive to treats. He was happy to be handled and showed no sensitivity to touch. His recall was inconsistent. If he wanted to play, he would approach but when the time came to exit the paddock, he did not want to recall. He enjoyed carrying a ball around in his mouth.


Harvey was very friendly but can be a bit pushy. He was responsive to treats and complied well with cues such as Sit, Down and Wait. He did try to push for treats and will jump up. He enjoyed all interactions with us and appears to be a happy and relaxed dog.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)
Reactivity – 0
Harvey was not reactive to anything at all in his environment during the assessment.


Harvey loves a ball and sometimes doesn’t want to give it back. He will relinquish for a treat. No aggression was shown around the ball or any other toys. He appears to just enjoy carrying a ball around in his mouth.


Harvey is a lovely, friendly dog who appears happy and relaxed at all times. He likes to play but appears content doing his own thing. He has clearly had some good training and is responsive to cues. Some work does need to be done on his pushy behaviour but I feel sure that this could easily be improved. He is strong on the lead and some work needs to be done to teach him to walk on a loose lead at your side. Once he is used to regular exercise, his excitement may well decrease and his behaviour on lead would improve. His recall is inconsistent at the moment but his will certainly improve with some good reward based training. I would definitely recommend Harvey and feel that he would quickly settle into a new home with his brother, with whom he has a good relationship.