Jack – Adopted

Jack is an entire black and tan male who is 15 months old.


Jack is a typical enthusiastic young man who has become too much for the family to cope with.

He has lived with small children but due to his boundless energy older children would be better. He is not used to cats. Has lived with another dog so we believe he will happily live with an older bitch.

Jack is dog and people friendly. He has been to a doggy day care.


If you think you can give Jack a home, then please fill out our application form thank you.

Jack Assessment
Kennel behaviour

Jack is very excitable and jumps up when trying to put his lead on. He rushes to push out of the gate/doorways and pulls a lot on his lead initially.


Jack is happy to be handled all over. No reaction shown.

Jack does pull on the lead but with the use of treats and a shorter lead he can walk nicely especially after he’s had a run and play.

Jack responds well to his name and will come when called most of the time unless he’s intensely sniffing or playing then his recall fails.


Jack passed the other kennelled dogs calmly and showed no interest in them.

He is excited when greeting people but does have basic training so this could be worked on easily.

Not observed with males.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 is the lowest score.

Jack scored 1.

Jack loved playing with the tug toy, both with me and independently. He showed less interest in the ball.

He was happy to swap the tug for a treat.

Jack does jump up people in excitement and to get attention. He will, however, sit and have a fuss instead when told.


Jack happily swapped between the tug toy and treats. He played independently with the tug but left it and came back for a treat.


Jack has clearly had good foundation training. He responds well to commands such as sit, down, find it and heal. Jack did jump on the picnic bench a few times but got off when asked. He also pulls when going through gates but again he did wait when asked. He responded really well to positive reinforcement training and a marker cue.

A highly trainable dog with lots to give. Will need further training around manners and shows some puppy like behaviours but overall he is a lovely boy who would suit a household with teenagers upwards due to his excited jumping up.