Kleo – Adopted

Kleo is a 3 year old brown and tan entire bitch.

Kleo is a friendly girl who had lived happily with another Dobermann and a staffy but when the old Dobermann died she and the staffy started niggling at each other which did end up with them fighting, so Kleo is now with us. 

While with us she has shown no aggression and has been fine with the other dogs.  She has lived with children and has no vices to speak of.

Kleo was assessed by a qualified behaviourist on 20 June:

Kennel behaviour

Kleo became tense when approached and showed some freezing and whale eye.  She accepted the lead and showed no aggressive behaviour.  She exited calmly and passed other dogs without reaction but seemed nervous.  She would not take a treat and appeared to be hand shy.


Kleo was nervous about being handled, but after a period of play with a ball she relaxed and accepted the touch.  She began to take treats and become much more playful, she complied with cues.

She walked well on the lead.  It was difficult to assess her recall as she was a little reluctant to approach, this did improve as she started to bring a ball to swap for a treat.


Kleo shows some anxiety around strangers, however does relax and becomes more sociable. She appeared uninterested in other dogs and showed no negative reaction


This is measured on a scale of 1 to 5 with five being the highest, Kleo scored 1. Kleo enjoyed playing with a ball and fetched well, she was not interested in playing tug, she walked calmly on the lead.


Kleo was happy to surrender toys and was motivated by food treats.  She showed good impulse control.


Kleo appears nervous and initially distrustful of strangers, however, there was no negative reaction and she demonstrated good appeasement gestures.  I feel that in a home setting her confidence will grow and she will learn to trust.  She shows calm behaviour and will be trainable, she will make a lovely pet.

If you feel you could offer Kleo her forever home please fill out an application form.