Kobe is adopted. He is a 1 year old entire black and tan boy.

He needs training to walk nicely on the lead and must stay on a long line for training as he has no recall.

He is dog and people friendly but does get over excited.

Is used to an older dog and savvy children. Has seen cats and is not bothered by them.

He does jump up so that needs addressing.

Kobe has bags of potential, but just needs some training and boundaries.

We feel he would benefit from living with an older bitch, but would also be just as happy on his own.

If you feel you can give Kobe a home and the training he needs please fill out an application.

Kobe’s Assessment

Kennel behaviour

Kobe was excited to have the lead on and it was a little difficult to get it secured. He was walked on a slip lead with a figure of 8 as he was very strong and pulled as soon as released from his kennel. He started to walk well on the slip lead but kennel staff advised that he was very strong on a normal collar. He showed no reaction to barking dogs in adjacent kennels.


As soon as taken off his lead in the paddock, Kobe just wanted to run around. He appears to quite an independent dog and was happy moving round on his own rather than engage with us.
I touched his feet, hindquarters, head, ears, tummy, tail and he was not concerned about my handling of him. I knocked into him to test for any reaction but there was none. He enjoyed a fuss and was very pro-social.
He does not appear to have received much training but will Sit and Wait. He also gives a Paw. His recall is not reliable and this will need some work. He enjoyed playing tug but was happy to leave it when asked.


There were no negative reactions from Kobe and he is of good temperament. He barked very briefly at workmen in hi-viz but then settled quickly and did not take any notice of them after that.
Kobe was sociable but was also happy doing his own thing. He urine marks a great deal and just wants to sniff around. He was playful and fun and enjoyed rolling around! He does jump up and can put his mouth on you so this will need some work. He is focussed on treats and he will listen when asked.
He was happy to chase a ball but clearly has not been taught to retrieve. He just wanted to run around with it in his mouth. He did eventually understand to swap it for treats. He is soft mouthed and does not snatch for treats or toys.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)
Reactivity – 1
An initial bark but after that, no reaction to anything in his environment.
There were lots of distractions during our assessment – other dogs, people, workmen in hi-viz, building machinery, noise etc – and Kobe generally ignored everything.


There was no evidence of resource guarding. He was happy to give up toys for treats and was soft mouthed taking treats. Waited well for a game to start and there was no snatching behaviour.


Kobe is very much a blank page. He will need some training but shows the potential to learn well and become a well-mannered dog. He has a good temperament and is quite a confident dog, happy doing his own thing. I would recommend neutering to help with the marking behaviour. He is a little over boisterous in his efforts to play and needs to be taught how to approach people appropriately. Generally, a lovely young dog who is more than capable of learning and becoming a good family pet. He is a fun dog and one I would describe as “goofy”!