Lucie – Adopted

Lucie is 10 months old.

She is friendly with people and dogs. We don’t know with cats.


She has lived with children from 7 years to 15 years.

Lucie loves playing and being with you, she will bark at the odd random thing like a large tyre but soon regains her composure.

As with any young dog she is full of life and enthusiasm.


If you think you can offer Lucie a home then please fill out an application.

Lucie has been assessed by a qualified behaviourist.

Lucie’s Assessment

Kennel behaviour

Lucie was very excited as we approached her kennel but waited well to have the lead put on. She jumped up me in an excited manner when she first saw me. She pulled on the lead as she left the kennel block but did not react to dogs barking in adjacent kennels. She did bark excitedly on her way to the paddock but this soon stopped.


Lucie was happy to come off her lead in the paddock but was immediately interested in us and happy to engage. She does jump up occasionally in excitement. I threw a ball for her and she was interested in chasing it but didn’t seem to understand to retrieve. She fetched the ball back on one occasion in exchange for a treat. I produced a tug toy and she really enjoyed playing with that. She was happy to relinquish it for a treat and showed good impulse control around it.
I touched her feet, hindquarters, head, ears, tummy, tail and she was not concerned about my handling of her. I knocked into her to test for any reaction but there was none. She enjoyed a fuss and was very pro-social.
Lucie will Sit and Wait when asked and she showed good impulse control. She was very motivated for food treats but is soft mouthed and did not snatch. She does not appear to have a trained recall but once you got her attention, she would happily return for a treat. She came back and waited well to have her lead put back on in the paddock.


There were no negative reactions from Lucie and she is pro-social and of good temperament. She appeared to love the interaction with us and just wanted to play.
Whilst on lead, we introduced Lucie to another male Dobermann. She showed some interest but in a playful way. It was relatively easy to take her attention away from him and she still showed interest in the rewards. There was no barking or reactivity. We then let Lucie off the lead with the other dog. She ran around him in a playful manner and was looking to interact with him. He did not want to play and did bark at her in an attempt to increase distance from her. She appeared to read his body language very well and backed off him. She tried a few times to engage him but left him alone when he made it clear he did not want to play. We were able to call her away from him for treats and she came back readily when it was time to go back on the lead. She walked well alongside him on lead and did not pay much attention to him.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high).
Reactivity – 1.
Lucie was a little vocal for the first few minutes but soon settled and then was not reactive to anything in her environment.


Lucie was happy to relinquish a ball and a tug toy for a treat and showed no evidence of resource guarding.


Lucie is a friendly, sociable dog who loves to engage with people. There were no negative or aggressive reactions at all. She is a typical excitable young dog and does jump up a little when excited. She has received a little training and shows good impulse control but will benefit from more manners, lead work and recall training. I feel that, given her motivation to win treats and desire to please, she will be easily trainable. She is very good around other dogs and I believe that she could be rehomed with a suitable other dog. She is a lovely dog and I feel that she will quickly settle into a new home environment and be a lovely pet for her new owners.