Luther – Adopted

Luther is a 2 year old castrated male.

He is friendly with people, he is used to children but due to his bouncy nature children of 11 and upwards, he has lived with toddlers but tended to knock them over.

He is friendly with dogs, not sure about cats – his owner said he will bark at them.

He has some dry skin patches which are getting better with treatment.

He is a lovely big bouncy boy who will make a great friend, we think he can live with a bitch, but she will need to set boundaries with him as he does get a bit excited with his playing, he does listen and is a very manageable boy.

He has been cani-cross running with Dave and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

If you think you can offer Luther a forever home then please fill out an application form.

Luther has been assessed by a qualified behaviourist:

Kennel behaviourLuther was friendly and approachable as soon as he saw us. He waited nicely to have his lead on and exited the kennel in an excited manner. He was more than happy to approach strangers and took treats immediately. He was pulling on the lead and is quite strong. There was no reaction to dogs in adjacent kennels or dogs that he saw outside.
HandlingLuther enjoyed a good run off the lead in the paddock. He was keen to play with us and would chase a ball but did not bring it back. Eventually he started to bring the ball back for a treat.
I touched his feet, hindquarters, head, ears, tummy, tail and he was not concerned about my handling of him. I knocked into him to test for any reaction but there was none. He enjoyed a fuss and was very comfortable with us. He had good manners and did not jump up.
Luther will Sit, Down and Wait when asked and he had good impulse control. He appears to be a well- mannered dog who has received some good training. He did not snatch treats but was very motivated for food treats and showed good focus. He had a good recall for the treats although this was not tested with distractions such as people or other dogs. He also enjoyed a game of tug but was happy to relinquish for treats.
SociabilityThere were no negative reactions from Luther at all and he is a happy and sociable dog.
He was very good around other dogs. There was no barking or reactivity and his behaviour stayed neutral at all times.
ReactivityPlease give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)
Reactivity – 1
Luther was not reactive at all to anything in his environment.
PossessionLuther showed no evidence of resource guarding. He was happy to relinquish a ball or a tug toy in exchange for a treat.
GeneralLuther is a lovely friendly dog who loves to engage with people. He did not show any negative or aggressive reactions at all. He has clearly received some training and shows good manners and impulse control and responds well to cues. His leadwork does need a little improvement but he is motivated and I feel that he is easily trainable. I would highly recommend Luther.