Max is adopted. Max is a 2 year old black and tan entire male.

Max is friendly with dogs and people, he is unknown with cats.

Has not lived with small children but is used to teenagers.

He is a lovely boy who may pull a bit on the lead but this is easily manageable.

Max’s Assessment

Kennel behaviour

Max was happy to see us when we approached his kennel but waited calmly as the volunteer entered and put on his lead. He pulled a little as he left the kennel block but did not pay any attention to dogs in adjacent kennels even though they were barking. As he was being walked down to the paddock, he jumped around excitedly on the lead. He was happy to greet me straight away and took a treat.


Max was happy to engage with me and did not object to me touching him all over. He showed no reaction at all. He will Sit and Down and has good impulse control when asked to Wait. His recall was good, even with distractions around. He was motivated by treats and was keen to listen to us. He did enjoy a run around but would come back when called.


Max was sociable and playful but did not appear to know how to play with toys. He showed no interest in a ball. When I produced a tug toy, he showed some interest but clearly did not know what to do. It appears that no-one has ever played with toys with him before. I am sure he would soon start to engage with toys.
Max showed no reaction at all to any dogs around him. He appeared calm around people and other animals.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)
Reactivity – 0
Max showed no reaction at all to anything in his environment during his assessment. He encountered traffic, dogs, people, workmen in hi-viz and other animals and remained calm throughout.


Max is very food motivated but does not snatch at treats. He takes them calmly and shows good impulse control. He remained soft mouthed throughout his assessment. He is not currently motivated by toys at all but this could be improved.


Max is a friendly and people centric dog. He loves to play but does not yet understand how to play with toys. He pulls a little on his lead and becomes a little excited but I’m sure that, with some good positive reward based training, he could easily be taught to walk well on a loose lead. He is very food motivated and will respond well to training. He already has good recall and is focussed on his handler. He is very sociable and is of excellent temperament. He is an active dog and loves to run. He will be a fun dog for any potential adopter and would make a lovely pet.