Nala – Adopted


Nala is a 2 year old spayed bitch. Our team have been working with her and all say she is a loving sweet girl who just wants to please and eager to learn. However she cannot live with other dogs, we tried and it did not work out. She is not reactive on a walk and will play with dogs but needs to be the only dog in a home.


She has been around a 6 year old child but has not lived with children. Unknown with cats. She needs a home with no dogs and older teenagers of 12 upwards.

Nala was assessed by a qualified behaviourist:

Kennel behaviour

  1. Does the dog charge at the gate aggressively? No
  2. Does the dog rush up to the gate playfully? Yes
  3. Does the dog retreat to the back of the kennel? No
  4. On exiting the kennel, is the dog calm and relaxed? Yes
  5. Does the dog react when passing other kennel dogs? No

Nala was excited to see us and approached in a pro social manner.  She readily accepted her lead and exited the kennel willingly.  She did not react to other dogs in adjacent kennels.


  1. Is the dog happy to be handled ?  Yes
  2. Can you touch the dog all over without any adverse reaction? Yes
  3. Does the dog walk well on the standard lead? Yes
  4. Does the dog walk well on a figure 8 or headcollar? Not obs
  5. Does the dog have a good recall? Yes

Nala was happy to be handled and showed no reaction at all.  Touched her all over including head, ears, feet, tail, tummy, rear end. She was keen to get into the field but walked well on the lead.  Her recall was good and she was motivated by the treats and the tennis ball.  She appeared to prefer the ball over the treats.  She had a good retrieve and clearly enjoys that game.  When she didn’t have the ball, she would return readily for treats. 


  1. Does the dog pass other dogs outside calmly? Yes
  2. Does the dog show hostility around other dogs? No
  3. Does the dog show aggression around other dogs? No
  4. Does the dog show anxiety and fear around other dogs? No
  5. Is the dog relaxed meeting or seeing strangers? Yes
  6. Does the dog show anxiety to specific genders? No

Nala showed no reaction at all to dogs in adjacent kennels.  She showed no anxiety around people and was excited to see us.  All pro social behaviours.


  1. Does the dog become excited by a treat?  No
  2. Does the dog become excited by a toy / ball? Yes
  3. Does the dog become excited by other dogs? No
  4. Does the dog become excited by children? Not obs
  5. Does the dog become excited by cyclists? No
  6. Does the dog become excited by traffic? No
  7. Does the dog travel well in a car? Not obs

Nala was motivated by treats but not over excited.  She was very motivated by a ball but again, not over excited.  She appears to be a calm and relaxed dog with good confidence levels. 

Reactivity – 1


  1. When the dog is given his prime motivator (treat or toy), does he:
  2. Surrender it willingly? No
  3. Retain possession? Yes
  4. If he retains it, will he surrender on command? (NB dogs having been trained for IPO will have been taught to retain possession). Yes

No guarding behaviour observed.  Readily dropped the ball in anticipation of another throw.  She did not show any interest in a tug toy.  No snatching with the ball or with treats. 

Assessor’s general comments

Nala is a friendly and easy dog who is happy around humans and dogs and just wants to play.  She is responsive and I feel that she would respond well to training.  She has good impulse control and already responds well to Sit, Down and Wait.  I feel that she would make a lovely pet.

Can you offer Nala her forever home? If so please fill out an application form and we would love to hear from you.