Neo – Adopted

Neo is 2 years old. He was neglected by the people left in charge of him after his owner was arrested and sent to prison.  The owner’s father fortunately retrieved him and passed him on to us to be rehomed properly.


Despite the disruption he has been through over the past several weeks, he is a very loving and friendly chap who loves cuddles.


Neo has been assessed by a qualified behaviourist:

Kennel behaviour

Neo was happy to see us and went readily onto his lead.  He was excited and pulled to exit the kennel block, he showed no reaction to other dogs


Neo was comfortable with proximity and touch.  He was happy to engage and showed playful behaviours and very pro social

He did pull on his lead but was responsive to treat training


Neo was excited and playful but showed good impulse control. He complied willingly with cues and was highly engaged

He enjoyed the play, fetching his ball well and playing tug. 

There were no negative behaviours.


Neo was treated and toy motivated but showed excellent impulse control

Reactivity is measured on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 the highest, Neo scored 1


Neo readily gave up toys in exchange for a treat, he waited when asked and was not pushy.  He did not snatch when taking treats for toys


Neo is a lovely dog who enjoys engaging and playing with humans. He appears relaxed and happy and shows no negative behaviours.  He needs some training on his leadwork, but I feel that he will respond well, he will make a lovely pet  

He has been dog tested with a bitch and he was great loved running and interacting with her

If you feel you could offer Neo his forever home please fill out an application form.