Patience is adopted. She is a black and tan spayed bitch who is 2 years old.

Patience was rescued by her current family and arrived with them very thin and scared after she was starved and beaten by her old male owner, they said she can be timid around some men but we have not found this.

Patience & Tallis

She is a lovely dog who has played happily off lead with all the dogs we have plus the volunteer’s dogs who come to visit, we have noticed though that she gets very attached to people so when she is having affection she can snarl at another dog if they come too close, because of this we are saying she has to live on her own to save any conflict occurring.

Patience can get in and out of a vehicle with no issues, she has been noisy in a vehicle but with regular trips this has reduced.

Patience is friendly with people and has lived with young children aged 1 to 3 years old, she loves a cuddle and has been described as a lap dog. She is not good with cats.

Her lead training needs work along with her recall. She is an active bitch who would suit an active experienced home where they will do something with her such as running or agility.

We feel that she will make someone a super pet, she will however need lead training without a Halti or figure of 8 as she does not like anything on her head.

If you feel you can give Patience her forever home then please fill in an application.

Patience’s Assessment

Kennel behaviour

Patience was excited as we approached her kennel but waited well to have the lead put on. She pulled on the lead as she left the kennel block but did not react to dogs barking in adjacent kennels or anything in the environment. She took a treat from me as we were leaving the kennel block and did not seem at all concerned by my presence.


Patience was happy to come off her lead in the paddock but was immediately interested in us and happy to engage. She does jump up occasionally in excitement. She showed her sociable nature and wanted to greet me.
I touched her feet, hindquarters, head, ears, tummy, tail and she was not concerned about my handling of her. I knocked into her to test for any reaction but there was none. She enjoyed a fuss and was very pro-social.
Patience will Sit, Down and Wait when asked and she showed good impulse control. She was very motivated for food treats but is soft mouthed and did not snatch. Her recall was good and she was keen to return for a food reward. Her recall was reliable even when other dogs were passing by although this is only tested in a secure environment.


There were no negative reactions from Patience and she is pro-social and of good temperament. She wanted to engage but is not particularly toy motivated. She showed some interest in a ball and in a tug toy but her attention was soon diverted elsewhere.
Volunteers report that Patience is vocal when travelling but she did not bark at anything during the assessment. She has a history of harsh handling and was reportedly scared of men previously but she did not show any anxiety to anything or anyone during the assessment. She appeared confident and relaxed.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)
Reactivity – 0
There was no reactivity at all during her assessment.


There was no evidence of any resource guarding from Patience. She was polite when taking treats and showed a good Wait for treats and toys.


Patience is a friendly, sociable dog who enjoys engagement with people. Her temperament is excellent and I would describe her as an “easy” dog. She appeared confident and relaxed at all times and I am confident that she would quickly fit into a new environment. She has clearly received some training but does pull on the lead. She would benefit from more good, reward based training. She is motivated by food treats and I am sure that she would quickly learn to walk nicely on a lead and any other required tasks. I would definitely recommend Patience to a potential adopter and feel that she would make a lovely pet.