Meet Penny

Penny is around 2 years old. We originally rehomed her a month ago but although she got on really well with the male dog she started to show aggression towards the other bitch in the house. We decided she should come back to us as it was not going to work out.

Penny was found as a stray at the end of May and we rescued her from the pound.  We think she is around  2 years old, entire and quite possibly has had a litter.  She is very friendly towards people and dogs she meets out and about, she is not reactive at all.

She lived with an older child, we don’t know about younger, so older children only. We don’t know about cats.

She can live with a male dog but not with bitches.

If you feel you can offer Penny a home then please fill out an application.

Penny’s Assessment

Kennel behaviour

Penny was happy to come out of the kennel with us and jumped up straight away for a treat. She showed no reaction to any dogs or anything else in her environment. She walked fairly well on the lead down to the paddock.


Penny is a very affectionate dog. She enjoys being fussed and petted and follows you around. She was happy to be handled and touch all over and showed no negative reactions at all. Her lead work is fairly good as she wants to be close to you. Once in the paddock, she recalled well for a treat.


Penny had a tendency to be a little clingy and wanted to be with us all the time. She appears to want assurance. She appears to have no idea how to play and showed no interest in any toys. She does not have any trained cues but is responsive to treats. She jumps up a little but does show some impulse control when asked. She is soft mouthed at all times and does not snatch for treats. She is very sweet natured and enjoys physical contact.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)
Reactivity – 0
Penny was not reactive to anything at all in her environment during the assessment.


It appears that no-one as previously played with Penny. It is thought that she has been purely a breeding bitch and she has not learned how to play. This has not affected her relationship with people and she wants to be sociable and affectionate.


Penny is a lovely dog who is enjoying the attention of people. She is very much a blank page but will enjoy learning and working for people. She is responsive and should be easy to train. She is very affectionate and will bond heavily with a new adopter. Care should be taken to ensure that she does not become too dependent. Creating independence and alone training will be essential for her. She has a very sweet temperament and will be a loving and loyal pet.