Porcha – Adopted

Porcha is a 1-year-old entire black and tan bitch, she has had very little training.

Porcha is friendly with people and dogs. We don’t know about cats but due to her friendly nature she would probably adjust, however the chasing may be an issue. She does like to chase squirrels and rabbits.

She is used to children but we recommend 8 and upwards because she is very bouncy. She loves life and always has a wonderful playful look on her face, she lives her life to the full and is such a happy girl.

She will need training and is a very excitable exuberant girl.  She does pull and jump up these are being worked on, she will need to be walked on a long line until she is fully trained, and her recall is spot on.

Porcha was assessed by a qualified behaviourist:

Kennel behaviourPorcha was extremely excited when we approached. She was happy to have the lead on and was keen to leave the kennel. She pulled strongly on exiting the kennel block and, when other dogs in adjacent kennels barked at her, she barked back.
HandlingPorcha was walked down the lane on her lead. She pulled strongly and was jumping around excitedly but did not show any reaction to traffic. She also passed other dogs in an adjacent paddock and, when they started to bark at her, she barked back. She was let off the lead but did not pay any attention to us at first. She was constantly at the fence, barking at the dogs in the other field. I do feel that it was their barking that caused this reaction. Had they been disinterested, I feel that she would have ignored them.
She ran around the paddock in a very excited manner and it took a while before she paid any attention to us. She then began to come over and take some treats. She did want to jump up and was generally very boisterous.
I touched her feet, hindquarters, head, ears, tummy, tail and she was not concerned about my handling of her. I knocked into her to test for any reaction but there was none.
After a while, she had calmed a little and was receptive to cues offering Sit and Wait. She still wanted to jump up but did not snatch food and was soft mouthed. On her way back to the kennel block, she still pulled strongly on the lead.  She does not have a recall.
SociabilityPorcha was not concerned by my presence and there was no negative reaction from her. She lacks manners and has poor impulse control. She did become over excited and started to mouthe me but she was soft mouthed. At that point, we stopped playing with her and she calmed a little and stopped mouthing. She enjoyed play and showed some interest in a ball but did not fetch it back. She was very interested in a tug toy and soon enjoyed playing a game of tug with me. She would not drop the toy for treats but dropped it when she was ready.
Arousal/reactivityPlease give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high) Reactivity – 2
Porcha was motivated by treats but was easily distracted. Her reactivity appeared to be due to over excitement or in response to other dogs barking at her. Her arousal level was high throughout the assessment.
PossessionPorcha showed no evidence of resource guarding but did not want to drop the tug toy for treats. She did drop when she was ready and then did not snatch it back as I picked it up. She does not appear to know a Leave or Drop cue. I feel that the tug toy would be a valuable tool for teaching recall.
Assessors general commentsPorcha is a very friendly but excitable young dog. After she had burned off some energy, she became more interested in us and calmed a little. She did not show any negative or aggressive reactions at all. She showed herself to be of good temperament but needs to learn some manners and impulse control. She jumps up and needs to learn to greet people appropriately. She appears not have received much training and does not even know how to walk on a lead. She does respond to Sit and Wait but is often too excited to show self-restraint. I feel that with some good, positive training and a good home environment offering physical and mental stimulation, that she would prove to be a lovely pet.