Ralph – Adopted

Ralph is a 3-year-old male. He came to us because of a relationship breakdown.


Ralph is a very friendly chap who lived with children of 8 years and upwards. He will chase cats. No reactivity to other dogs and although he lived on his own, we do feel that he could live with a bitch. He can be a bit aloof when first meeting strangers but soon settles.


He is overweight and we have him on a diet with controlled exercise so this will need to be continued by his new owners. He is a lovely chap. Ralph was assessed by a qualified behaviourist:

Kennel Behaviour

Ralph did not bark when we approached and readily had his lead put on and exited calmly, he did not take any notice of me and there was no reaction to dogs in adjacent kennels.  Once out of the immediate kennel area I offered Ralph a treat, but he seemed a little wary and did not take the treat.  Once we reached the paddock, I offered him a treat again and he took it.  Ralph was let off his lead to have a run before I attempted to interact with once more.

Ralph does not charge gates aggressively, does not retreat to the back of the kennel, did not react to other dogs in the kennels, he walks up to gates playfully.


After having a run in the paddock Ralph was happy to approach me and took treats gently without snatching, he was happy to be handled and I was able to touch him all over without reaction.  He did not pull on the lead and was fine to have the lead put on and taken off.  His recall appeared good except when he had a tennis ball and did not want to bring it back.  Once he realised that I was swapping treats for the ball he started to bring it back.  His recall training needs a bit of work.


Ralph was a little wary of me at first, but this was only briefly and there was no negative reaction from him, he appears to be of good temperament and showed no hostility or negative reaction at all.  There were other people in the adjacent paddock and although Ralph looked over, he showed no reaction.  Ralph was happy to pass other dogs and on returning to his kennel enthusiastically greeted 2 dogs who were at the kennel door in a relaxed manner with wagging tail.


Reactivity is measured on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 the lowest score. Ralph scored 1.

Ralph was motivated by treats but did not snatch and showed good impulse control, he liked playing with a ball and also enjoyed a game of tug.  He did not get over excited and was soft mouthed at all times.  He did not show any reaction to anything in the environment including people, dogs, traffic, noise, or objects.


Ralph showed no evidence of resource guarding, he was soft mouthed and did not snatch, he was very happy to give up toys in exchange for treats.


Ralph was briefly a little wary of me but quickly settled and then was extremely amenable and willing, he did not show any negative reactions.  He is pro social and affectionate dog who enjoys play.  He has had some training and complied with cues such as sit, down and stay, with very good impulse control.  Ralph is a lovely dog and will make a very nice pet.  He has excellent manners and is a real gent!

If you are interested in giving Ralph a forever home, then please fill out an application form thanks.