Rex – Adopted

Rex is a black & tan 2-year-old castrated male.


Re is friendly with people and dogs, we don’t know how he is with cats.

He is boisterous, so children should be 8 upwards. He needs training and boundaries set in the home as he will steal food and jump up.


He can walk nicely on the lead but will pull on occasion. He is a super young man who is really busy and eager to please. He will make someone a great companion. If you feel you can offer Rex a home, please fill out an application form.

Rex has been assessed by a qualified behaviourist.

Kennel behaviour

Rex was happy to be approached in his kennel readily had his slip lead put on. He exited excitedly and was pulling a little to get out of the kennel block but generally walked well on the lead. He paid no attention to dogs in adjacent kennels.


Once in the paddock, Rex was let off his lead for a run. He enjoyed running round but wanted to engage with us straight away. He was happy to be handled and I was able to touch him all over without any reaction. I touched his feet, hindquarters, head, ears, tummy, tail. I knocked into him to test for any reaction but there was none. I did some leadwork with him, and he responded very well, walking nicely at my side. He clearly has had some training, and his recall was good. He was very receptive to cues offering Sit, Down, Wait and showed excellent impulse control. He was calm and very manageable.


Rex was not at all concerned about my presence and there was no negative reaction from him. He was very willing and pro-social and enjoyed his interaction with us. He has excellent manners and is calm with good impulse control.


Please give details of reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)

Reactivity – Low 1

Rex was motivated by treats and toys but did not snatch and showed excellent impulse control. He enjoyed playing tug. He showed excellent impulse control with the ball and tug toy and waited calmly for the play to start. He did not get over excited and was soft mouthed at all times. He did not show any reaction to anything in his environment, including people, dogs, traffic, noise, objects etc.


Rex showed no evidence of resource guarding and would happily relinquish toys. He was soft mouthed and did not snatch. He enjoyed play but did not get over excited.

Assessor’s general comments

Rex is a fantastic dog who behaved extremely well during his assessment. He did not show any negative reactions at all. He is pro-social and of good temperament. He is completely comfortable in the presence of strangers and has excellent manners. Rex is a lovely dog with some good training in place already. He appears to have been well cared for and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for rehoming and I am sure he will be a lovely addition to a family.