Rudy – Adopted

Rudy is a black and tan 16-month-old entire dog. He lived with 2 bitches, he does not like male dogs.


Rudy is people friendly. No young children, so over 12 only. He can be lead reactive out on a walk with male dogs and dogs that bark at him, he is calm otherwise.


He has settled well and is a lovely friendly happy bouncy boy who just loves to play.

Rudy has been assessed by a qualified behaviourist:

Kennel behaviour

Rudy was calm in his kennel and willingly accepted the lead. When passing other dogs who were barking, he reacted by barking back and rushing around the kennel. There was no reaction if the other dog was calm.


He was a little wary of being touched and particularly jumpy when I attempted to touch his feet. There was no aggression, just tried to move away. He walked well on a slip lead and when off lead his recall was good and was very motivated by food rewards.



This is scored on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest Rudy scored 3 but this was only to dogs that were barking at him.

Otherwise, he has good impulse control, no jumping, no snatching. He chased a ball but would not retrieve it, he did not understand the game of tug.


Rudy is soft-mouthed and surrenders toys very willingly, he is motivated by food more than toys.


I feel Rudy would be much calmer in a home environment, he does appear motivated and trainable. His reactivity to barking dogs is understandable and could be worked on. He did not react to calm dogs. He was a little wary of me as a stranger, but no aggression was shown at all. He would soon learn to trust a new owner using positive methods to train him. He behaves well and has good manners.

If you feel you could offer Rudy his forever home please fill out an application form.