Uma is adopted.

Uma is is 7 years old. She is not up for adoption currently because she has some health issues.

Uma arrived with us with severe eye and skin infections and a leg that she is having trouble weight bearing. Her eyes and skin are healing, she has arthritis in her hips and a thyroid issue.

She is a very happy friendly girl who loves treats and her ball.

Uma is in the care of one of our great volunteers and is showing daily improvement.

We will post updates about Uma on our social media if you would like to follow her story.

Donations for her can be made here to help with her medical expenses, any amount is greatly appreciated

She has been well enough to have her assessment.

Uma’s Assessment

Kennel behaviour

Uma is currently in foster care so is not being kept in the kennel block.


Uma greeted me enthusiastically and was very happy to be stroked and petted. I was able to touch her all over without any reaction.
She can pull on the lead when distracted but does show some very good leadwork and has the potential to be good on the lead. When excited, she has a tendency to bite at the lead. She is responsive to food rewards and it should be relatively easy to teach her to walk on a loose lead at your side. She does respond to recall cues but can get distracted. Again, I feel that she would be responsive to training. She is certainly motivated by both food and a ball and is keen to engage with people.


Despite her medical issues, Uma is a very happy and affectionate dog. She loves to engage and play and greets strangers very well. She can jump up sometimes in order to seek attention or to ask for a treat but will sit when directed to do so.
During the assessment, another dog walked by on lead. Uma was also on lead at the time. Volunteers have noted that occasionally, she can be reactive to other dogs when she is on lead but I did not observe this. She engaged in a short nose to nose greeting with the other dog without any negative reactions. When off her lead in the paddock, she did not pay any attention to a dog passing by.


Reactivity on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 = low & 5 = high)

Reactivity – 0
Uma was not reactive to anything at all in her environment during her assessment.


Uma is motivated by food and a ball but shows no tendency to resource guard. She has good impulse control and will wait when asked. Due to her eyesight issues, she does sometimes snatch at the treat when she can’t quite see it. She appears to prefer a ball over a treat but will drop for the treat. I presented a tug toy for play but Uma showed no interest in that.


Uma is a very happy, playful dog who enjoys interaction with people. She was friendly and non-reactive at all times. She has clearly received some training and responds well to Sit, Down, Wait and Paw. Her recall is good but could be improved. She will need to work on her lead walking but is very responsive and I feel confident that she will be a quick learner. Work on her responsiveness on the lead should also resolve any occasional reactivity issues on lead. Despite the obvious previous neglect, Uma has remained a very sweet-natured dog and is keen to please. I feel that she would be a very loving and loyal pet and will easily settle into a new home.