Rocco – Adopted

Rocco is a blue and tan male 15 months old and castrated.

He was returned to us following an adoption because he was mouthing and humping quite badly, we don’t think the owners realised what was happening and so returned him.  Once back at the kennels he started doing it to our volunteers, but a firm no stopped him, he has since been castrated and has calmed down with no signs of mouthing or humping.


He needs an active experienced owner who can train him how to behave in case the bad unwanted behaviour of mouthing returns, but it does look like now that he is thinking with his brain!

He is not dog reactive but if a dog has a go at him, he will go back, at his vet check he sat lovely and quietly surrounded by 3 dogs.

He has not lived with young children, so 15 and upwards.

He has not lived with another dog, so we are not sure if he can.


All our dogs are assessed by a qualified experienced behaviourist.

Rocco was assessed on 19/5/23 please see below. 

Rocco greeted me enthusiastically but not over-excited and he sat on command to have his lead put on.  He walked past other barking dogs with no reaction.

He was happy to be touched all over with no reactions.

He did pull on a lead but was manageable on a head collar.

His recall was poor, and he was a little unresponsive, I feel this could be massively improved with some good positive training.

Rocco paid no regard to any other dogs and was friendly toward me and took treats without snatching, he has good impulse control.

His reactivity level on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest was 1.

He is motivated by treats but not particularly interested in a ball or a tug toy, he did engage but then lost interest, he appeared to not know how to play tug.

He paid no interest to distractions while being walked.

Rocco is not toy motivated but will work well for treats with no guarding or snatching.

In summary, Rocco is a lovely young dog who will be highly trainable.  Work is needed on his lead-work and recall using positive reward-based methods, I think Rocco will make a lovely pet.


If you feel you could offer Rocco his forever home please fill out an application form.