Roxy – Adopted

Roxy is a 3-year-old spayed bitch black & tan, she came to us on April 2nd.


Roxy was surrendered to us because of her behaviour inside and outside of the home, she was left for long periods of time on her own so just amused herself by opening doors, and windows and being destructive, all this we feel stemmed from boredom. When the family arrives home from work she  goes berserk jumping up at them barking, etc. Out on walks we were advised that she would bark and lunge at other dogs.


While she has been with us she has been calm and not reacted to dogs at all, she lived with a male Dobermann and a cat whom she used to chase and corner but did no damage.

Her recall is not good and will run off, she cannot be let off around livestock.

Roxy needs an experienced home where someone is at home and does not work full time, she needs ongoing training in an active home that has the time to put into her. She is very clever so maybe scent trailing or another activity where she can use her brain would be ideal.

Her new owner will have the support of the rescue should you have any problems. If you feel you could offer Roxy a forever home please fill out our application form.