Snoop- Adopted

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Our lovely snoop is believed to be around 5 years old. He’s great with dogs and children and can happily live with a bitch. Snoop is currently in foster in the north west.

Snoop behaved impeccably as one of our fantastic vets examined him. When Snoop joined us we knew that we had to do some investigating with his health, with a funny leg and a cloudly eye that needed looking at. Today we got the answers… his leg is early onset wobblers but very mild and doesn’t affect him so for now just increasing the omega oils in his diet and not over exercising will be enough. His eye is a new one on us a condition called lipid keratopathy where fatty deposits float in his eye. Again we’ve been told to leave alone as it won’t effect him and to give him a low fat diet to cut down on the fats in his body.