Stella- Available

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Name: Stella

Age: 8-10 months

Children: Age 12+

Dog friendly? Very lead reactive

Other animals? No

Stella came from the pound as an unclaimed stray, we have no information on her other than that she was imported from Hungary as this is where her microchip was registered.

Stella has had no training at all and does not know how to react appropriately to many situations, she does not seem to know any training commands. She is very focussed on a ball and this could be key in training her using reward based methods. On the lead she will spin, jump, lunge and bark at other dogs.

Stella has been great with all humans she has met, though she is very boisterous so would not suit a home with young children or physically vulnerable people.

Stella needs a very experienced home, who can cope with the trials and tribulations of owning a reactive dog and who are willing to put the time in to train her how to behave appropriately which will not happen overnight.

dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome