The SWDC Family Fun Dog Show

The SWDC Family Fun Dog Show took place on Sunday 20th Aug. Heartfelt thanks to Jo Trego and Jane Lewis, the masterminds behind this fabulous show. Their meticulous organisation and dedication made the event in Somerset fantastic. Thanks also to the remarkable volunteers and helpers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring this show to life.

The SWDC Family Fun Dog Show raised a staggering £2262.98 for DRUE. The support from the canine community was nothing short of remarkable.

ASHA 14 yrs young (veteran)

The turnout was fantastic, with a diverse array of dog breeds, including an impressive showing of Dobermanns. It was heartwarming to witness the touching stories in the rescue classes, and the novelty classes brought heaps of laughter and fun, with the fancy dress classes stealing the show with their creativity and humour.

Bodie Best rescue Doberman

A big round of applause to everyone who supported the show and made this day a monumental success.

To catch up on the latest updates and photos, visit their Facebook Page: S.W.D.C Family Fun Dog Shows.